Sebastian Perez Becker

Loads & Controls

Tobias Rolf

Loads & Controls

Loads and operations management

The loads affecting all components of a wind turbine throughout its lifespan need to be calculated in detail. The entire wind turbine is modeled as accurately as possible. We focus especially on operations management. We design the underlying controller algorithms for operations management in accordance with all applicable guidelines and safety standards. Again, we optimize these in iterative loops until the desired load level – usually the lowest possible – is achieved.

Cutting-edge software

We calculate loads using the software package BLADED, which has established itself as the international standard in this field. Our engineers have extensive experience in using this software and are in constant contact with the software developers.

This allows us to support our customers in their own load calculations. We also have interfaces to all other popular load calculation packages, and can deliver our blade data in almost any format. We can also work with information provided by customers from other program systems.

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