Boris Gieseler

Turbine Design
Systems Integration

Albrecht Kantelberg

Team Leader

Torsten Sadowski

Turbine Design
Systems Integration

The perfect wind turbine

The perfect wind turbine possesses a perfectly aligned mix of components that, as a whole, are precisely adapted to the con­di­tions at the relevant site.

Accordingly a detailed planning of the entire project is mandatory to an efficient use of development, production and funding plans.

Often, customers of WINDnovation Turbines, are about to build their very first turbine. We are aware of the fact that designing a wind turbine is very complex. At WINDnovation we take great care that our customers understand all the important details they need to know, in every phase of the project.

Generally all WINDnovation Turbines projects go through three phases:
1. Project Planning
2. Turbine design
3. Turbine installation and certification

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